OSWEI™ Nordic-Inspired Premium Nano Toothbrush

OSWEI™ Nordic-Inspired Premium Nano Toothbrush

OSWEI™ Nordic-Inspired Premium Nano Toothbrush

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Have you ever tried a toothbrush with over 12,000 bristles?

With over 12,000 ultra-fine bristles that is only 80 microns in diameter, you can deeply clean every corner of your teeth, covers more surface, removing food residue, plaque, and stains without stimulating or damaging your teeth or gums

PENETRATE EACH ENAMEL CREVICE - Oswei™ Nano Toothbrush is unlike any ordinary toothbrush. With each nano-fiber bristle that penetrates each enamel crevice to remove food residue, bacteria plaque, and stains. Without missing the blind area of the tooth gap, locking and removing harmful substances due to its delicate craftsmanship.

NO DAMAGE TO YOUR TEETH OR GUMS - Oswei™ Nano Toothbrush is specially designed for hypersensitivity. Our super-soft 12,000 bristle toothbrush gently polishes the surface of the teeth without tearing up the gums. Perfect for people suffering from sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. A lifesaver for babies, children, moms, the elderly, and people with braces! 

LIGHTWEIGHT AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Oswei™ Nano Toothbrush has the perfect size and flexibility. The brush head is fine-tuned for maximum comfortability.  The comfortable handle design better adapts to the fingers to prevent excessive force, giving users peace of mind when brushing your teeth.

HIGH-END SAFE MATERIALS - Our Nano toothbrush is designed for long usage. Bristles are made of sterile fiber with anti-bacterial features, and very light ABS handle for your best toothbrushing experience.

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This is a great product to clean up counter space and keep things organized. I hung mine high and out of reach for the kids. I dispense the tooth paste and take the brushs in and out . I'm sure if the kids got ahold of it, it wouldn't hold up as well or stay clean because . . . .kids, but it works perfect for us. It was super easy to hang. Such a simple piece that is easy to clean and keeps the bathroom organized. Exactly what I needed!

Leo A.

I love this thing! We have a very small vanity and finally with this tooth brush/paste holder we are able to get all tooth brushes and tooth paste off the counter plus the rinse cup. Not only has it eliminated almost everything off the counter it's so easy to put up and feels very secure. It works so well now my kids are squeezing the tooth paste every where, they simply push their brush against the lever and they have the perfect amount. This is a product I think we will use forever!

Miranda T.

Definitely everything I needed! This has been such a headache reliever. Of course children are messy with toothpaste but this perfectly dispenses how much they need without an explosion all over the countertop. It hangs on the wall out of the way of counterspace. One of the greatest household products on earth.

Kimberly A.

Everyone over a certain age might need one of these and they work great. A gentle push with one's toothbrush gets just the right amount of toothpaste on one's brush. Perfect for people with arthritis or anyone who can't put the cap back on well enough on a tube to keep it closed. The adhesion For wall mounting is very strong

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